Firstly, let me say that I do like Miley Cyrus. I liked the “Bangerz” era and I loved the “Younger Now” era. Unfortunately, I do not particularly like this era.

The title of the EP, “She Is Coming” is gross and the double entendre sounds like something I would’ve come up with my friends while we were being crude and crass.

I don’t need Miley to be mature. I don’t like “Beethoven’s Symphony”, (I do like Beethoven’s 2nd–the motion picture starring the amazing Debi Mazar) but I needed more from Miley this go around. It seems like she’s backtracking. Disclaimer: I am not mature.

Let’s get to the songs.

1.) Mother’s Daughter – I like the beat. I don’t like that she’s a witch (that concerns me). I do think I get it–she doesn’t want us to eff with her freedoms, but I don’t particularly love the way in which she is delivering the message. I personally don’t think evil is good and something to be celebrated. But otherwise, the beat is good and I do like her vocals on this track.

2.) Unholy – Personally, this song didn’t take me where I wanted to go. I didn’t hate this one but I didn’t love it either. I might listen to it again–I might not.

3.) D.R.E.A.M. (featuring Ghostface Killah) – This song was even slower than “Unholy” for me which was a disappointment. This is probably my least favorite on the EP.

4.) Cattitude – This song was gross and I don’t like hearing about p***y and s***ing d*** and f**gering body parts in a song. It’s nasty and cheap. Perhaps there is a time and a place for it but not in my car on the way to work. It also felt cheap to try and capitalize on RuPaul’s fame(?) Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against RuPaul, I thought he did an excellent job portraying Mrs. Cummings in the spectacular motion picture The Brady Bunch Movie. But this song, in particular, didn’t do it for me.

It was too cringey. I did love the beats. I won’t deny that.

Fun fact: My dad had to read the lyrics of every new CD I bought back in the day. This one most assuredly wouldn’t have passed the test. I am blushing even at the thought.

5.) Party Up The Street (with Swae Lee and Mike Will Made It) – UPDATE: Actually, this might now be my least favorite song from the EP. That is all.

6.) The Most – This is my favorite song from the EP. Definitely giving me “Younger Now” vibes which is a very good thing. As I stated above, I loved “Younger Now”. This one is probably the most different sounding. It’s definitely the most mature sound on the record. Again, I have nothing against immature Miley, and I don’t take her music too seriously, but when she does put out fantastic tracks like this one it’s hard to take anything else on the EP seriously, which after all might’ve been the point.

Overall, I thought the EP was weak. I would’ve preferred some more uptempo songs and more mature ballads. With only six songs, it shouldn’t have been that difficult.

Some of the lyrics are fun and I can see me and my friends laughing and singing along, but in time, this one is forgettable. No offense to all the Miley fans out there, this one just wasn’t for me.

I personally give this EP 1.5 out 5. Mainly for effort, beats, and the song “The Most” which I liked.