I know from interviews that Mandy doesn’t look back at her every work as fondly as I do. I mean, personally I love all of her work. Her first albums came out at the most special time for me in terms of pop music. I was just discovering music for myself and I gravitated to pop music of the time. And when I first heard Mandy Moore’s hit single “Candy” I became a fan for life.

Okay, no one really knows what it means to miss someone like candy. But maybe it’s like when you’re on a diet and you can’t have candy… I really miss candy when I pretend to be on my diets. So maybe it’s like that? Regardless- this bop has stood the test of time. I love it.

I have loyally purchased every Mandy album over the years, though I will admit her latest records haven’t taken as many spins as her early ones. (And I haven’t listened to those in some years.) Sure, I’ve listened to some of her “hits”, but it had been some time since I actually listened to an entire Mandy album.

After we did our first #MandyMonday I got a craving (no pun intended) to revisit her first album and so I did. I didn’t know what to expect going in. It had been a while since I had heard many of the gems on it, but I was not disappointed. I also loved how many of the songs came back to me and I found myself singing along— at work. Which could be embarrassing. Unless you own it. I did not so it was embarrassing.

My takeaways, I liked a lot more songs on the album than I remembered! These were my favorites back in the day and remain my favorites even now:
“So Real”
“Walk Me Home”
“Quit Breaking My Heart”
“Let Me Be The One”
“Not Too Young”
“Love Shot”

Complete with interludes and the 2000’s pop beats I recommend that you revisit this record and enjoy it for what it is. It’s celebrating its 20th anniversary this year so I demand that Urban Outfitters release it on vinyl, please. I want the vinyl itself orange. Okay. Thanks!

I give it 4.5 points because it does have some great songs. But also for nostalgia. It’s perfect.