I must admit that I jumped on the Taylor train rather late. I had friends around me who were obsessed, but I just wasn’t there yet. When Swift switched from country to pop I was definitely curious but still not sold. It wasn’t until I caught myself humming some of her bops that I realized I needed to give her a chance. I must admit, I’m glad I did.

When “Lover” was released a couple of weeks ago I was hesitant to give it a listen. I have found myself very disappointed with new pop music as of late. After hearing “Me!” and “You Need to Calm Down” I thought it might just be the fun upbeat pop record we need. Without giving anything away, it was.

The first song had me cautiously optimistic that I was going to enjoy the rest of the album. “I Forgot That You Existed” had me hooked. I think it could be my favorite on the album, I’ve listened to it on repeat for the past couple of weeks.

Other favorites on the album include (in no particular order) “Cruel Summer”, “Lover”, “The Man”, “I Think He Knows”, “Paper Rings“, “London Boy”, not to mention singles “ME!” and “I Forgot That You Existed”.

I found myself gravitating towards more of the upbeat poppy bops, but I did like the ballads as well. It’s an album that grew on me as a whole. It’s one of those rarities where I’m not tempted to skip half the tracks. I certainly have my favorites but if I’m busy at work or on a drive it’s an album I can put on from start to finish and enjoy every second. I definitely give it a 5/5 and recommend it to everyone to give it a listen. (As if you haven’t already.)