November 6th 1999 was a special day. Not only was it my 14th birthday, but it was also the day Miami 7 (S Club 7 in Miami in the US) premiered on Fox Family Channel.  Up until then I had not heard much about the group.  I didn’t know how successful they were in the UK or what their music sounded like apart from “Bring It All Back”, but I had a feeling that I was about to become obsessed with them… and I did.

Fox Family Channel began showing clips from the series days leading up to the premiere.  I remember sitting in our living room, waiting to go to a birthday party my friend was throwing for me the night before the show aired. (Sorry for accidentally knocking a hole through your wall that evening.) Before we left, the “Bring It All Back” music video aired and I was hooked.  So much so that I begged my parents to buy me the CD single when it was released in the US. In those days, we couldn’t stream music or buy from iTunes, we literally had to wait until we had a physical copy.

Though their debut album, simply called “S Club”, wasn’t released in the US until April of 2000, it came out in the UK 20 years ago today (October 4th 1999)…the same day that B*Witched released their single “Jesse Hold On.” (What a fun day to have been in the UK.) It’s an album full of upbeat dance songs and gorgeous ballads.  It was also one of the group’s most successful albums, reaching #2 on the UK Albums Charts and was certified double platinum. To this day it remains one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time.  Anytime I’m feeling nostalgic, or just want to put myself in a better mood, I turn it on and listen to every single track.  (Well, sometimes I skip “Gonna Change The World”, but it’s not a terrible song.) Since I wasn’t able to purchase a copy of the album before Miami 7 premiered, I would hold my tape recorder up to the TV and record the songs on cassette. Me and my brother would often listen to the songs while we played outside on our swing set.

“Bring It All Back” was released June 7th 1999 as the lead single from the album and was a huge success, reaching #1 on the UK Singles Charts (even beating out Madonna’s “Beautiful Stranger.) It was also the theme song for Miami 7.

The second single, “S Club Party”, was released on September 20th 1999 and reached #2 on the UK Singles Charts. It was certified Gold. The music video was filmed in the Californian desert as the backdrop for the TV special, Back To The 50s.

The third (and final) single released was “Two In A Million / You’re My Number One”, a personal favorite. It was a contender for the Christmas #1 and released on December 13th 1999. Though it didn’t reach the top spot, it did chart at #2 and has sold over 200,000 copies.

If you’ve never listened to the album before, or if you just want to take a trip down memory lane, today is a great day to revisit. Now, if only the group could reunite for a brand new album.