We love our girl bands. We also love polls. We wanted to find out who YOU, our loyal and awesome readers / followers would choose as your favorite. For the past week, we split up our favorites into four rounds. The winner of each round went on to battle it out for the title of becoming the ultimate girl band. Here are the results!

Round 1 saw Fifth Harmony, Destiny’s Child, Dream, and 3LW battle it out with Destiny’s Child coming in as the clear winner with 50% of the vote. Second place was a tie between Fifth Harmony and Dream coming in at 20% and lastly, 3LW came in with 10% of the vote.

In round 2, Cleoptra, TLC, Sugababes, and Little Mix. This round was no contest as Sugababes walked away with 88% of the vote.

Round 3 was between B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, All Saints, and Nobody’s Angel. B*Witched came in at first place with 70% of the vote comfortably beating out All Saints which in came in second at 25%.

Spice Girls won handily in round 4 taking 71% of the vote followed by Girls Aloud with 19%.

With the winners from previous rounds clearly set, we headed into the final round. Destiny’s Child, Sugababes, B*Witched, and Spice Girls battled it out for the title of becoming the “Ultimate Girl Band”, we saw early in the day that a clear winner was to emerge. The poll closed with 2,298 votes calculated. We were thrilled to see Sugababes fans coming out in droves and getting the word out to vote. Because of their passion, Sugababes walked away with an astonishing 1,531 votes winning the battle. Spice Girls came in second with 454 votes, B*Wtiched came in third with 293 votes, and lastly Destiny’s Child with 20.

Thanks to everyone who voted and made this battle so much fun. Look out for more in the coming months… Battle Of The Boy Bands anyone? 😉