A few weeks ago we wanted to know who YOU picked as your ultimate girl band. Sugababes came out in force and crowned them the winners. After all was said and done we naturally wondered who our followers would pick as the ultimate boy band! So we launched four days of polling picking a winner to make it through to the final round of voting. On the fifth day each winner was pitted against each other and ultimately one emerged as the winner. Here are the breakdowns.

In round one we saw *Nsync, Take That, Hanson, and A-Ha go up against each other with a clear winner taking the crown for day one. Hanson was your obvious choice with 227 votes giving them 94% of the vote followed by Take That with 3%, *Nsync at 2% and lastly A-Ha.

Backstreet Boys were your winners for round 2. They took 54% of your votes while BBMack took 23%. Westlife came in third place with 16% and lastly, O-Town took got 7%.

Round 3 saw One Direction, The Wanted, LFO, and Boyzone battle it out. The Wanted were your winners with 64% of the vote. LFO came in second 18% and One Direction narrowly beat out Boyzone with 9% of the vote.

On day four we asked you to choose between the Jonas Brothers, Five, 98 Degrees, and New Kids On The Block. Five emerged as your winners taking 76% of your total votes followed by NKOTB, 98 Degrees, and Jonas Brothers.

With your final choices selected. The ultimate boy band was crowned and YOU chose The Wanted as your ultimate boy band. Congrats to fans of The Wanted, y’all came out in full force. With 710 votes, they won by a whopping 93% of the total vote. Hanson came in second, Backstreet Boys were third, and Five were last place.

Thank y’all for voting! We hope you’ll come back often as we continue to do polls, reviews, countdowns, and more. See y’all next time!