If you follow us on instagram, you know that for the past two weeks we’ve counted down some of our favorite “forgotten” girl groups of the 90s and noughties. Here is the list that we came up with. Let us know your favorite “forgotten” girl groups on our socials.

15.) Madasun – Three-piece girl band Madasun comes in at #15 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s & 00s Countdown. The band were signed to Richard Branson’s label V2 and released 3 singles and an album before being dropped in 2001 due to poor record sales. Described as Texas meets TLC, Madasun were named after people’s reaction during the solar eclipse in the summer of 1999 as being “mad as the sun.” Only 1 (Sugababes) of the many the indie-pop girlbands who launched in 2000 were able to find an audience.

14.) Fierece – Fierce was a three-piece R&B girl group from the UK. They were signed to Wildstar Records and released 4 singles and an album, Right Here, Right Now, between 1999 and 2000. They were dropped due to poor sales, despite their last single, “Sweet Love”, a cover of the song by Anita Baker, reaching #3 on the UK Singles Charts. The single was remixed by Stargate and was re-titled to “Sweet Love 2K.”

13.) Girls@Play – Coming in at #13 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s&00s Countdown is UK 5-piece girl band Girls@Play, consisting of Vicky Dowdall, Lynsey Shaw, Rita Simons, Lisa-Jay White and Shelley Nash. They were signed to GSM Records and produced by Stock & Aitken (Mike Stock and Matt Aitken). Described as the “female Village People”, each member of the band played a different character in their music videos. White played an executive, Nash a pilot, Dowdall a cowgirl, Simons a mechanic, and Shaw a traffic cop. The band only released 2 singles, including a cover of Mel and Kim’s “Respectable”, before disbanding in 2001.

12.) Smoke 2 Seven – Smoke 2 Seven comes in at #12 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s&00s Countdown. The trio, which consisted of Vikki O’Neill, Beverley Clarke, and Jo Perry, signed a 7-album deal with Curb Records in 2000/2001 and enlisted ex London Records MD Laurie Cokell as their manager. They toured with Daniel Bedingfield and released two singles, “Been There Done That” and “Envy”, both which failed to make an impact.

11.) Clea – UK girlband Clea comes in at #11 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s&00s Countdown. The group met on the television series Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. Chloe Morgan, Lynsey Brown, Emma Beard, and Aimee Kearsley, decided to form a band after they were voted off the series. The name ‘Clea’ is an acronym of the first letter of each member’s name. The group released their first single, “Download It”, in 2003. In February 2004, the band released their second single, “Stuck In The Middle” which reached number 23 in the UK. In May of 2004, Chloe Morgan left the group and later went on to pursue a solo career. Their debut album Identity Crisis was released in Russia, Eastern Europe and in certain countries in Asia, however, due to a lack of success, they were dropped from 1967 Records in late 2004. Clea were continued to be managed by Upside Management and released music independently through a specially created label. Trinity, Clea’s second album (but first UK album), was released on 3 July on Upside Records. Lynsey Brown left the band in November 2006.

10.) Thunderbugs – Short-lived girlband Thunderbugs comes in at #10 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s&00s Countdown. The band released their first single “Friends Forever” in 1999 where it reached #5 on the UK Singles Charts. It was later featured on the soundtrack to the 2000 American teen drama film Center Stage. A followup single, “It’s About Time You Were Mine”, was released later in 1999 where it failed to make an impact, reaching only #43. Because of this, the band were dropped from their label. Their one and only album, Delicious, was released early 2000 on mini-disc in the UK and CD throughout Europoe.

9.) Girl Thing – Having had success with the likes of Westlife and Five, and disappointed that he turned down the Spice Girls, Simon Cowell decided to create his own girl group which he called Girl Thing. Their debut single, “Last One Standing” received major promotion as well as media attention and was expected to top the UK Singles Chart. Record company executives poured huge amounts of money into a promotional campaign, including an appearance at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Girl Thing even pre-recorded their congratulatory interview with BBC Radio 1, but the single failed to make the impact it was expected and peaked at #8 on the UK Singles Chart. A second single, “Girls On Top”, was chosen and released in the UK where it only reached #25. A third and final single, “Young, Free, And Happy” was released in Austrailia only, where they had a bit more success. Their one and only album, Girl Thing, was also released there, but only reached #92. The group disbanded shortly thereafter. The album was finally released in the UK on iTunes 13 years after its original release, coinciding with the group’s appearance on the ITV2 television series The Big Reunion. Girl Thing comes in at #9 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s&00s.

8.) Hepburn – Coming in at #8 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s&00s is Hepburn. They were a four-piece British all-female pop rock band. They released an album and three singles between 1999 and 2000, but were best known for their first single “I Quit”, which reached number 8 in the UK. Though a music video accompanied the release of the single, later in the year, a new video for “I Quit” shot using scenes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, including scenes of the band on the sets of the show, and also with the band acting like vampires at The Bronze. The track appeared on the official Buffy soundtrack and was pushed to radio as a key track with the CD release, despite the fact that the song never appeared on the show. The music video also appears on the Region 2 and 4 DVD release of the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The band was made up of Jamie Benson (vocals), Lisa Lister (guitar), Sarah Davies (bass), Beverley Fullen (drums), Lisa Gordon (drums, replacement for Fullen), and Tasha Baylis (drums, replacement for Gordon).

7.) Solid HarmoniE – Solid HarmoniE comes in at #7 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s&00s. The British-American pop group was formed in 1996 and signed to Sony BMG/Jive Records. The group was moderately successful, releasing five singles and a self-titled album, before disbanding in 2000. One of the original members, Mariama Goodman, left the band and later joined UK British girl group Honeyz. The group reunited in 2013 and released a single, “Circus.”

6.) Nobody’s Angel – In 1998, US girlband Nobodys Angel formed. The group consisted of four members Alitzah Navarro, Stacey Harper, Amy Sue Hardy and Sarah Smith and later, Jennie Kwan and Tai-Amber Hoo as replacements when Harper and Hardy left the group. The band was put together after they became friends and discovered they all had an interest in music, dancing and acting. The group released their debut single “If You Wanna Dance” in November 1999. Their self-titled debut album followed February 2000. The band also had appearances on Boy Meets World and the ABC movie Model Behavior. Later, the group began work on their second album in 2002, but it was shelved. Nobody’s Angel comes in at #6 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s&00s Countdown.

5.) Bellefire – Irish girlband Bellefire comes in at #5 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of tje 90s&00s Countdown. The band formed in 1999 after auditions were held by Louis Walsh and John Reynolds, who were the management team behind Boyzone. Originally, the idea was to form a male/female mixed group, but Walsh was disappointed with the male entrants and opted to sign a girl group instead. The intention was to aim towards “a more mature niche in the pop market” than what was offered at the time. The band are best known for their cover of U2’s “All I Want Is You.”

4.) Cleopatra – Cleopatra comes in at #4 in our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s00s Countdown. Sisters Cleo, Yonah, and Zainam Higgins formed the band and released their first single “Cleopatra’s Theme” in 1998. The band released 7 singles total and two albums over the course of 3 years and had success in the UK, as well as the US where they achieved a Top 30 hit with “Cleopatra’s Theme.” The band also had a children’s TV series, Comin’ Atcha!, which ran two seasons and was a mix of music and comedy. After disappointing sales of their single “Come And Get Me” in the UK, the second album, Steppin’ Out, was pushed back and eventually cancelled there. Their label later wanted Cleo as a solo artist, and this led to the group’s parting ways with Warner.

3.) Dream – US girl group Dream comes in at #3 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s&00s Countdown. The band was originally formed in 1998, and were later signed to Bad Boy Records label in 1999. They released their first single, “He Loves U Not”, in September of 2000. It was a success in the US where it reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The band later released their debut album It Was All A Dream, which reached #6 in the US, and a final single from the album, “This Is Me”, which didn’t fair as well, reaching #39. Though Bad Boy Records had planned to release “Miss You” and “In My Dreams” as the third and fourth singles from “It Was All a Dream” and promotional copies of the latter were shipped, the singles were never released. It was later confirmed that it was partly due to the impact of the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. In 2002, one of the original members, Melissa Schuman, left the group to pursue an acting career. She was replaced by Kasey Sheridan and the band began work on their second album. In the summer of 2003, the girls returned to the scene with a sexier image and a new single featuring rapper Loon called “Crazy” (Or sometimes “Krazy”). Despite the fact that Crazy peaked at #39 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40, The single and its video did not receive the acclaim and success of “He Loves U Not”, and the planned second single from the album, supposedly “That’s OK”, was never released. Dream’s album Reality was to follow in the fall, but its release kept being postponed; Bad Boy Records later dropped Dream and they disbanded. The original line-up reformed again in 2015 and later went on tour with with 98 Degrees, O-Town, and Ryan Cabrera as part of the 2016 My2K Tour. They also released a single, “I Believe.” In October 2016, band member Ashley Poole confirmed Dream had disbanded yet again, and would not be releasing any more new music.

2.) Precious – The band Precious formed in late 1998 by friends Sophie McDonnell and Jenny Frost. A set of auditions saw the remaining members join: Anya Lahiri, Kalli Clark-Sternberg and Louise Rose. The following year saw things take off rapidly for the group. In May 1999, Precious were voted in to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest. Their song “Say It Again” proved popular and the group were able to sign with EMI to release the song as a single in May of 1999. It debuted at No. 6 in the UK singles chart. The band began work on their debut album, Precious. It was released in November 2000. Other singles from the album released included “Rewind”, which reached No. 11 in the UK, “It’s Gonna Be My Way”, which reached No. 27, and their final single, “New Beginning”, which reached No. 50, becoming their only single not to reach the top 40. The group’s success diminished after their debut album failed to chart, selling fewer than 600 copies. The group were dropped by their label and it was decided that the individual members should pursue separate careers. Jenny Frost went on to replace Kerry Katona in the group Atomic Kitten. It’s a shame the girls didn’t have more success as the album is solid, and that’s why they come in at #2 on our Forgotten Girls of the 90s&00s Countdown.

1.) Honeyz – Coming in at #1 on our Forgotten Girl Groups of the 90s&00s Coutdown is Honeyz. It’s a shame this 3-piece girl group from the UK didn’t get the recognition they deserved. Despite line-up changes and a failed attempt to break into the US market, the band managed to score 5 UK Top 10’s between 1998 and 2000 and their debut album, Wonder No. 8, was certified Gold by BPI. The trio hailed as an R&B alternative to the Spice Girls and intended as a direct rival to American girl group Destiny’s Child. They also won the award for The Best British Girl Band at the 2000 #Maxim Awards, beating Spice Girls, #Hepburn, Thunderbugs, and Eternal. The group split in 2001, but reunited on ITV2’s The Big Reunion and embarked on a UK Tour alongside B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, Five, Liberty X, and 911.