When I first heard that Lindsay Lohan was getting ready to release new music I was thrilled! Growing up as a teenager in the mid 2000’s I was as obsessed with Lindsay. From her awesome movies to her fantastic first album—I was a fan. And still am!

I was curious as to what Lindsay would sound like over a decade later. What would the sound be? So when the song dropped I immediately gave it a listen. I wasn’t sure how I felt on the first listen I must confess. It’s definitely modern, it’s current. Up to date. Pop of the 20’s. I personally (usually) prefer music that predates the 2010‘s but if it’s an artist I love I’ll make an exception.

“Back to Me” hits on most things I look for in a song. It’s fun. It’s beat. I love the chorus!! It’s super catchy. In fact there’s only one thing about the song I’m not in love with, and I can overlook it. It’s the robotic “Meeee” that I could’ve done without. But again it’s a minor complaint in an otherwise awesome song! Welcome back Lindsay! We missed you!