11.) Alive

By the time the Seeing Double era launched, I had begun listening to other artists and bands. That’s not to say I wasn’t interested, I was, but “Alive” didn’t “hit” me in the way some of the other [S Club 7] lead singles did. The song was released during a transition period in my life. My family were in the process of moving to a new city, I had just turned 16, and I had started working my first job. When ABC Family started airing Viva S Club, they changed the time slot from Saturday mornings at 10:00am, to weekdays at 4:00pm. I caught a few episodes, but I just wasn’t as invested as I once was. Though many fans will argue that S Club’s discography only got better as the band progressed, I still prefer the first two albums over the last two. “Alive” is still one song that I tend to skip when I put the group on shuffle. 

10.) Never Had A Dream Come True

While arguably the band’s most successful single, at least here in the US (it reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100), it isn’t one of my personal favorites. It brings back lots of cozy memories, however, from November of 2000. My family took an impromptu vacation to the mountains around the time the song was released and every time I hear it, I am taken back to that time. Even though I’m ranking the song at #10, it’s still one of my favorites.

9.) Say Goodbye / Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You

By the time the group were in the midst of splitting up, I had moved on to other things. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in them (they were my favorite band, alongside Steps after all), but I was very busy. I had just started college and didn’t have the time I once had. When they announced their split, I was sad, but I did see it coming. “Say Goodbye” is one of the better S Club ballads (even better than “Never Had A Dream Come True” in my personal opinion), and “Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You” is one of the better Seeing Double tracks, but in comparison to some of the other singles, I rank this at #9.

8.) Don’t Stop Movin’

Ok, fans aren’t going to like that I’ve ranked this at #8 as it seems to be a favorite, but I just never connected to this song in the way I did with the previous two lead singles. In fact, I would have rated it #10 after “Alive”, but over the years the song has grown on me. I would have preferred a more bubblegum pop sounding lead single in the same vain as “Bring It All Back” or “Reach”, but they decided to go in a different direction. I’m glad they did, however, as it worked for them. The single was a huge success in the UK.

7.) Have You Ever

“Have You Ever” was the perfect S Club 7 ballad. It was released as the second single from Sunshine, and rightfully so. It was another big success for the group as it reached #1 on the UK Singles Chart. It’s definitely one of my favorites from the album.

6.) You

Another favorite from Sunshine. The video is fun and the song is super catchy. It would have been the perfect lead single from Sunshine had they kept up with the sound of the previous two lead singles. Either way, I’m glad it was released, although if it had been between this song and “Show Me Your Colours”, I would have chosen the latter. #JusticeForShowMeYourColours

5.) S Club Party

At this point, it’s getting harder and harder to rank the singles as I love them all. “S Club Party” was one of the first S Club 7 songs I remember hearing. It’s so catchy that as soon as I hear it, it stays in my head all day. I remember when Miami 7 started airing here in the US, they started with the second episode and this is the song featured. I was obsessed, but since the album nor single was released at the time, I had to record it from the TV to cassette tape.

4.) Natural

“Natural” is one of those songs that I can always be in the mood to listen to. The video is hot and the song should have been a bigger hit than it was. It’s one of my favorites from the group.

3.) Reach

This song brings back so many memories of the Summer of 2000! Me and my family went on a vacation to Orlando Florida. I ended up meeting a British girl (also vacationing) while at the pool and of course, I told her about my S Club obsession. The single was out in the UK, so I convinced her to buy me a copy and mail it to me when she got back home. I ended up giving her some money to pay for the single and postage, but I never got it. I guess she stole from me. Oh well, I did end up getting it a few months later, so it was all good.

2.) Bring It All Back

In October of 1999, Fox Family Channel started playing clips from the music video to promote Miami 7. I was instantly hooked. I searched for the single everywhere, but living in a small town, none of the retail stores carried it. My parents went on a trip and I begged them to find it (which they did). I played it so much that I literally wore it out. It is the perfect debut single. It is their “Wannabe” and when I’m feeling down, I just hit play and I’m instantly in a better mood. This song was the start of my S Club obsession.

1.) Two In A Million / You’re My Number One

Around the time that “Two In A Million / You’re My Number One” was released, my S Club obsession was in full swing. After hearing the band perform “Two In A Million” on Miami 7, it immediately became my favorite ballad (next to Spice Girls “2 Become 1”). I remember ordering the UK import single from CDNow.com and was excited to here the full studio version of “We Can Work It Out”, which they also performed on Miami 7. However, there must have been a manufacturing error as the CD was actually CD 2, but the artwork was that of CD 1. I was confused and returned it for another copy, only to find that that copy was the same. It took me about a year to finally track down a legit copy. I’ve always wondered if anyone else had this issue? Anyway, “Two In A Million” remains not only my favorite S Club 7 song, but one of my favorite songs in general. “You’re My Number One” was the perfect companion to the ballad. (Who else misses the days of AA-Side singles??)

I’m sure our lists are going to be different. I am interested to see where you rank the singles! Be sure to let us know via our socials!